Incorporated in 1989 and fully operational since 1992, Penfro Peche began life operating from Milford Haven in Wales, but since then has also opened a second base at Lochinver in the Highlands of Scotland. Originally involved in the management of fishing boats and thereafter agency work and consultancy within the fishing industry, the Company branched out into transport in 1997. Nowadays, whilst the transport side of the business is still run from Milford Haven, the trucks, (with, incidentally, registration plates P3 CHE, P33 CHE & P333 CHE), load mostly out of Scotland. In keeping with this, P33 CHE has a Scottish flavour with, amongst other things, a graphic of a Highland cow chewing a thistle featured on the front of the cab!

The first truck purchased by Penfro Peche back in 1997 was a Scania 460 with, as is typical for the industry, a white reefer trailer. Whilst contemplating how best to livery the new reefer trailer, John Vincent viewed the huge plain white sides very much as an artist’s canvas – and so commissioned a local artist, Jill Davies to hand-paint a design directly onto the trailer sides and complement this with various graphics on the Scania tractor unit. The brief given was to be imaginative and creative, yet topical and relevant. The result was a painting depicting a (Welsh) dragon pulling a net away from a large wave, with various fishing buoys in the seascape – the marker flags on top of the fishing buoys being in the regional flags of the Company’s trading partners.

Since this first trailer mural, the initial “story”has evolved, but it still very much retains the dragon character, as can be seen on the Company’s present day trailers. Although now printed on vinyl, the imaginative graphics on the Penfro Peche trucks and trailers continue to turn heads (and cameras) wherever they go.

After half a decade of gradual growth the company expanded its fleet of vehicles, purchasing its first refrigerated artic vehicle to complement and support the growing core of the business -which was to land fishing boats at Milford Haven and transport fish to Europe. The following year a second artic was bought and the third in 2013, demonstrating the continued growth of Penfro Peche Limited as a transport business in the industry.

By opening a second office, Penfro Peche widened its customer base, therefore growing the quantity of its business whilst providing the same high calibre level of service.

Currently Penfro Peche Limited owns and operates 3 vehicles: a Volvo FH13, Mercedes Actros and Volvo FH16. Each of these vehicles pulls tri-axle Chereau refrigerated trailers and are operated from the UK (mostly Scotland) to various European countries, with France and Spain being most common. Additionally Penfro Peche Limited has carried out work in Ireland too.

Fleetboard, Dynafleet telematics and tracking systems have all being installed in each of the company’s vehicles, this is to ensure the security of both the cargo and the van itself. Penfro Peche Limited is also given a location for each vehicle at any time, further strengthening the security of the service that the company provides. Penfro Peche has also invested in Passango toll units from AS24. These units allow companies drivers an easy and safe passage in tolls throughout certain European countries such as France, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.

Penfro Peche have since its founding established itself as a specialist in the exports of fresh fish and returns of fruit but also extend its services to vegetables, dairy products, bakery goods and wine to the UK. The business can be identified by its highly distinguished vehicles that according to Director John Vincent are probably the most photographed vehicles in the company’s areas of operation.

Thanks to the vast customer base, Penfro Peche Limited has has being very fortunate to have weathered the economic downturn in the UK, with John Vincent commenting, “We have noticed very little effect.”

The company continuously updates and replaces its trailers every 5 years and its tractor units every 3 years to ensure that they are always fully operable and in compliance to the latest emission standards. This year saw the Company upgrade to a Volvo FH16 due to its greater horsepower which will compensate for the increase in transit times within the UK caused by growing congestion and delays. A Chereau trailer was replaced in January with altered specifications to take into account the increased work being done within the UK for supermarket delivery.

Director John Vincent plans for Penfro Peche Limited to consolidate its position within the industry by continuing to provide a professional and personal service to its exclusive client base within the European fishing industry.